Much of my work is informed by myth, folklore, and dreams- I get ideas from folk and ethnic art and from folk tales from around the world. Many of my pieces are done using traditional fiber techniques from many countries, and using cast-off or recycled materials is important to me. I like the flat bright colors found in folk and tribal art, as well as the attention to detail. While living in China and staying in Hungary and Vietnam, I had some opportunities to study the local traditional crafts, and I find them an interesting source for ideas. The inspiration for Day of the Dead figures comes from Latin America, but using skeletons as icons for the inevitability of death is universal, and the “Grim Reaper” figure is everywhere in world literature and folk art, along with devils, angels and sinners. I recently joined an international group of Naive artists who work in a folk art tradition that I like, and many of my gouache paintings are reminiscent of this style, while other pieces are simply nature studies that I have done while traveling. My small sculptures are a mix of styles and techniques inspired by different cultures and literature.


My gouache paintings ( a kind of opaque watercolor similar to tempera paint) are done on watercolor paper using a wide range of brilliant color and themes from everyday life, stories, myths, and world literature. I have always been interested in illustration, and I love the “Naif” style of art popular in Eastern Europe and rural China. I have joined an international group of Naive painters who market their work all over the world.


The masks are made from a variety of fabrics- some vintage pieces, and some scraps of silk, velvet, brocade, or ethnic cloth- whatever is appropriate to the design and theme of the piece. The fabric covers a base made from papier mache, and the little character dolls are made by hand from polymer clay, leather, fabric, and lace or ribbon, and inspired by literature, traditional stories, paintings, and folk tales.

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